Welcome Back

land a posted Sep 26, 14
Through MoP, <Vaders Fist> was one of the top progression alliance guilds on our home server, US-Korgath. Our core group of players have been together since early Vanilla and we've successfully raided everything from Karazhan to Icecrown Citadel. We have always been in the top three or four of Alliance guilds on what have been extremely competitive servers. 

Recently, we moved away from a relatively dead and horde-heavy realm (US-Burning Blade) where we were ranked as the #1 Alliance 10-man guild for tier 12 and tier 14 progression. On our new home server, Korgath, tier 16 was a close race but we consistently kept a top two spot with a full clear of SoO on Sept 21st, 2013, and a kill of heroic spoils on Dec 6th, 2013. 

Here we come, WoD!