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<Vaders Fist> has been of the top progression alliance guild on the US-Korgath realm throught MoP. We have been together since the end of Vanilla WoW and have raided everything from Karazhan to Icecrown Citadel successfully and we have always been one of the top 3 or 4 Alliance guilds on what was an extremely competitive server.

We've moved at the start of tier 15 from a relatively dead and horde heavy-realm (US-Burning Blade) where we were ranked #1 alliance 10-man for tier 14 progression, we also finished tier 12 as #1 alliance 10-man guild. During tier 16 we were consistently in the top 2 spot for active 10 man guilds, killing spoils (10th SoO boss) on Dec 6th 2013.

We had a great time this expac and we are looking forward the release of WoD. As of now Vaders Fist is going on a well-deserved break.

PS: feel free to apply if you are interested in joining us for WoD, we will be raiding mythical content

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Thank you all for your dedication to make this guild an awesome place to be! See you guys back in WoD!


So long Mists of Pandaria!

HM Spoils Down!

Easy boss after we figured out the strat. GG guys.

Heroic Malkorok Down!

Off to spoils.

Nice Damn Job

dark shaman

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MoP Progression

SoO: 10/14HM

ToT: 10/13HM

ToS: 3/4HM

HoF: 3/6HM

MSV: 5/6HM